April 25, 2009

Ice Goes Out

Ice Goes Out, 6x8 on canvas board (unframed)

My ambition seems to have outweighed my available time, and I have been too overwhelmed to post weekly, so the mandate of this site is going to get a little flexible! I will be posting every second week - still on Saturdays. The latest news and what's on the 'big easel' is still at the Artscapes Musings Blog!

Everything else will be the same! Thanks for following and supporting my little project.


Azure Islands Designs said...

This is wonderful Michelle...the colors are amazing!

I understand when you say "My ambition seems to have outweighed my available time"...I feel the say way...sometimes we have to step back...do the BEST we can and be happy with that! Often spreading ourselves too thin doesn't take us where we want to be!


Patrick said...

This scene reminds me something :)

Thank's for the warm colors Michelle, the strong rain didn't stopped one second here since this morning and i'm really happy to see the sun :)

roentarre said...

Wow, this is truely artistic in deed!

Jenn Jilks said...

They are glorious! Thanks for visiting My Muskoka !
No raccoons last night..whew! Cat rolled in at a reasonable 7:00 a.m., too!

Huzaifa said...

very fascinating paintings....